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Background of The Cheap & Dupe CEO[]

The whole novel begins with an accident happening to Adam, the CEO of Conreid Lore. It’s reported that a serious accident has happened to him and it’s uncertain whether he can recover. No one knows whether he is alive. Therefore, the whole company is in chaos. Other members of the board of directors in the company have different opinions about the news. Of course, some of them hope to hear about the news that Adam dies from the accident, then the whole company will be operated by others and they will benefit from the redistribution of the management. However, most female staff are sorrow for the news because they all like Adam……This harem novel describes the whole story from the perspective of males.

Main Characters of The Cheap & Dupe CEO[]

Adam is the CEO of Conreid Lore. On the one hand, he is a stern boss in his company whom others are afraid of, on the other hand, he is a famous playboy and often dates with various females, including female staff in his company.The reason why an accident happens is that he can’t focus on driving because of some pretty women on the car. Of course, he is also kind to females, especially pretty females. As the CEO of the family company, he is also adept at managing the company with strategies. He is cautious with the people and the surroundings around him, therefore, he is often very careful when he practices some secret strategies.

Adam Apple is an unfortunate man who is driven out from his family by his aunt, and his girlfriend breaks up with him after that. He and his girlfriend spend six years together but they don’t have sex. His girlfriend just deems him as tickets for concerts, movies and so on. Eventually, he is reduced to a beggar with filthy clothes. However, his fate changes because his appearance is similar to Adam’s. Generally speaking, people seldom differentiate with them. Adam finds him and asks him to pretend to be himself in his company. In order to avenge, he agrees to do that.

Synopsis of The Cheap & Dupe CEO[]

Adam is the famous CEO of Conreid Lore and is respected by each member of the company. Rivalry is inevitable in a company and Adam, as the CEO, also can’t avoid it. In order to control the company better, he blocks the news about his health after an accident. No one knows clearly whether he is still alive. When the company is in chaos and the staff all discuss the future leaders of the company, Adam finds a man with almost the same appearance to pretend himself temporarily. The man is a beggar in the streets who can’t earn his life, and his name is also Adam. In order to distinguish the man from himself, Adam calls him Adam Apple. Since that, the man's fate has changed totally, he not only has the opportunity to take revenge on his aunt but also can enjoy admiration of numerous pretty women……

Source of The Cheap & Dupe CEO[]

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