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Alessandro Baroni is a powerful and wealthy man who can do anything he likes in any place of this world. He loves his wife, but still chooses to give up their relationship because of a misunderstanding. He thought that his wife betrayed him and slept with another man, giving birth to a girl who doesn't belong to him. Therefore, he didn't accept this girl's identity and was careless about her. Besides that, he was angry with his wife and even hated her for her betrayal. He was so headstrong that he didn't listen to his wife's explanation. Trust is the first and important step in the course of love, Therefore, he had lost his wife because of his doubt.

Hailee is Alex's wife and a strong woman. She loves Alex and also tries to remove the misunderstanding between her and her husband, While she chose to end their relationship when she found all her effort was in vain. She must keep her dignity and stop explaining to him again and again now that he insists believing she is a shameless woman and doesn't accept their daughter. She finally took their daughter to leave this family and was determined to bring up this baby alone. Two or three years later, she found that the enduring love for Alex did not seem to have been consumed by previous misunderstanding.


Hailee have lived a peaceful life with her little baby after leaving Alessandro. Being hurt deeply by him, she was not willing to see him again. While her little daughter should be kidnapped someday, which broken their peaceful life. Deeming her little daughter as the whole of her life, she felt fazed. It's seems that her whole world is collapsed. After receiving a call from the kidnaper and being asked to find Alessandro, she found him as soon as possible without any hesitation. Although she hated him so much and hoped that she never see him again, she would like to give up what is called dignity for her daughter. She finally saw him after waiting for him for six hours. It's so long time that she couldn't clearly remember how much time they seperated. He still could affect her emotion. Although hearing her complains and curse, he still consolate her and let her calm down, helping her find the little baby. There is no doubt that he still love her while he also hate her due to his understanding. Then will they recover their relationship?


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