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Background of Captive[]

A girl who is born in a wealthy and powerful family decides to escape from her family secretly. Suffocating environment forces her to make such a decision although her families love her and always protect her well. However, she loses her freedom and falls into a terrible trap because of her kindness on her way to escape from her family.  The mystery/thriller novel begins with a trap designed by the male protagonist, which made readers worry for the female protagonist. Of course, there are many questions in readers’ minds with the development of plots. Why does it happen to the female protagonist and why does the man do that?

Main Characters of Captive[]

Kashvi is born in a powerful family and each member of the family loves her. Growing up in such an environment, she always believes the good side of the world and is seldom aware of something evil in this world. She is too optimistic about everything to endure anything bad. She can stand that others around her are maltreated and suffering. She is an innocent and kind girl, who must give her hand when someone encounters difficulties. However, she is not a coward and can keep calm when she is in danger. She racks her brain to think of a way to save herself.

The kidnapper in this novel is a handsome but very cruel man who likes to resort to violence to let others obey him without any conditions. He designed a trap to capture Kashvi. He knows about her personality and takes advantage of her kindness. Of course, he is a man who is powerful enough that people are afraid of him. He dares nothing and often does anything that he wants to. In his eyes, there is nothing that can stop his plan. There is no doubt that he never cares about whether his behaviors will violate the  law. No matter people or things, he must get in any way if he loves. He never considers others’ ideas. If there is anyone who offends him or disobeys him, he  will use his fists to force him to surrender.

Synopsis of Captive[]

Kashvi is a rich girl who is loved by her families. Therefore,she thinks that each member in her family is very kind and friendly to everyone. However, her elder brother treated her step-sister badly. She can’t believe that her brother should be so cruel to her step-sister. She feels sorry for her poor step-sister, while she has no way to change her fate. Eventually, she escapes from her family because  she can’t stand such a suffocating atmosphere. To avoid being stopped by her families, she tells them that she needs to attend a friend’s wedding in another state. On the way to a new palace where she needn’t to face her families, she encounters a cute little boy who is crying alone. She can’t help approaching him and asking why he cries so sadly. He said that he can’t find his parents. She dials the number which is written on the card pinned to his chest. A man tells her to send the boy to his house because he is stuck with his work. Then, the innocent girl is put under house arrest. Then what will happen to the poor girl?

Source of Captive[]

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